Shrewsbury School

Academic Partnerships

Enriching and Supporting Achievement

Shrewsbury School has a long history of working collaboratively with other schools to support teaching and learning. Many of our academic faculties have links with primary and secondary schools in the local area.

Bespoke support is regularly offered to individual students who might be seeking extra help and guidance making an application to a competitive course at university. Currently a number of academic projects and partnerships are under development as we look to broaden and to deepen our collaborations in this area.

Stronger Together...

We currently work with other schools through:

  • Providing native speaker support in Spanish at The Priory School to 55 pupils in Year 10/11
  • Holding ‘Inspiration Days’ delivering Maths lecture and workshops
  • Inviting local schools to attend our Business and Economics Day Conference
  • Opening access to our guest lectures for our:
    • Geographical Society
    • Shropshire Astronomical Society
    • Darwin Society
    • Bastille Society
    • Da Vinci Society
  • Delivering a Darwin Science Competition to 8 primary schools involving 32 pupils
  • Working with Coleham Primary School Science Week involving 60 pupils in Year 5/6
  • Offering Learning Support advice to local schools  Supporting Shrewsbury Sixth Form College with
  • PSD Health & Social Care courses
  • Increasing engagement with local schools in our Model United Nations conference
  • Involving local schools with our celebrations for World Book Day, such as local school pupils attending our meet a visiting author
  • Enabling local schools with the ability to access to our Academic Extension programme / lectures

Benefits and Impact

By offering GCSE and A Level support, extending academic partnerships and providing opportunities for enrichment, our teachers gain opportunities to widen and to share teaching experience and practice and to network professionally.

They will also be able to better understand starting points of non-prep school entrants by gaining a better understanding of the state system at KS1,2,3.

Our audiences for events are more diverse and this can be helpful for our students to appreciate other perspectives and appreciate that they are part of a wider educational context.

Our students have valuable opportunities to help organise and deliver events, developing a range of leadership skills along with their social awareness and engagement.

Positive Opportunities...

Working with schools is a key part of our future partnership work and to support this we will:

  • Aim to develop cluster groups for academic subjects such as Maths and Geography
  • Provide further native language speaker support
  • Increase the number of shared academic competitions – Maths / English essay writing
  • Further explore STEM academic development with Imperial College London
  • Launch a Design Formula 1 Challenge
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