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Application Procedure for Sixth Form (2021 entry and beyond)


In the first instance, families are encouraged to attend one of our Sixth Form Open Days. These include talks about the admissions process (including the Sixth Form Assessment Weekend) and a tour of the site and a boarding or day house. There are also opportunities to speak to the Headmaster, Housemasters/Housemistresses, current pupils and representatives from each of our academic Faculties. Places can be booked online via our Open Days and Booking Form page.

If you would like to arrange a private visit, please email the Admissions Office on  or call 01743 280552. This will usually include a tour of the School, a meeting with the Sixth Form Admissions Tutor and a visit to one of our houses. If you would like to see the Headmaster during your visit, please do let us know.



Following your visit, and if you have not already done so, you will be invited to register your son or daughter by filling in a Registration Form and returning it to us with the Registration Fee of £100.


Assessment Weekend

We will write to you in the August of the year before the proposed entry, to confirm that your child intends to take our entrance exams, and to enclose our application form.

On the application form, candidates will nominate four subjects for assessment.  Ideally these should be the subjects that they intend to take for A Level.  However we recognise that some applicants will not yet have firm plans for their A Levels and we suggest that they offer four of their strongest GCSE subjects.

Exam papers will be set in accordance with GCSE specifications, albeit in the knowledge that candidates will not yet have finished their GCSE courses.  Papers will be approximately one hour in length.  Some subjects such as Art, Music, Drama, Design, Computing and PE will be assessed practically. Please also see our Specimen Papers page.

Candidates will also receive academic and general interviews.  These will be informed by the Personal Statement that is part of the Application Form, and in which candidates can tell us more about their interests and achievements.  We will also ask for permission to write to the applicant’s current headteacher for a reference.

The Entrance Examinations will be held during our Assessment Weekend in November.  We will provide accommodation for all potential boarders. If you are an international candidate, you will be able to take the written papers either at an Examination Centre in your home country or at the offices of Academic Asia and UK Boarding Schools.

Please see our Assessment Weekend page for more information.



We will be offering up to 8 academic scholarships and at least 6 other specialist scholarships that include Music, Sport, Art and Drama. Academic scholarships will be awarded as a result of exceptional performance in the entrance examination. The other specialist scholarships will be assessed during the Assessment Weekend, through practical assessment and interview.

In addition, we offer two sporting scholarships: The Margaret Cassidy Sports Scholarship is for an outstanding sportsman (worth up to 100% of fees, subject to means testing); and the Alex Wilson Dayboy Scholarship is awarded every two years to a local sportsman of exceptional talent (worth up to 100% of day fees, subject to means testing).


Offers of a Place

We will aim to have made our decisions by 1st December, and will then offer successful candidates a place in our Sixth Form, conditional on them achieving at least three GCSEs at Grade 7 and three GCSEs at Grade 5 (or three A and three B grades).

You will be sent an offer letter including an Acceptance of a Conditional Place form which needs to be completed and returned with the relevant deposit. For families living in the UK, the deposit is 10% of a term’s fee; for families whose normal residence is outside the UK, there is an additional deposit which is 90% of the current fee for one term.


Applications from mainland China

All applicants from mainland China should contact our official representative: UK Boarding Schools Admissions Service

Tel: +86 (0)21 63306270 (Shanghai Office),+86 (0)10 85317356 (Beijing Office)

Address: Room 503, No.8, Zhongshan E-2 Road, Shanghai, 200002, China
Beijing Office: Room 1708, 17F, Tower D1, DRC Diplomatic Office Building, No.19 Dongfang Dong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100016, China



WeChat: 英国传统寄宿学校UKBS(订阅号), 英国私立寄宿中小学(服务号)


所有中国大陆的申请者请联系我们官方代表: UK Boarding Schools Admissions Service

电话:+86 (0)21 63306270(上海办公室),+86 (0)10 85317356(北京办公室)




微信:英国传统寄宿学校UKBS(订阅号), 英国私立寄宿中小学(服务号)

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