Shrewsbury School


Since 1552 Shrewsbury School has offered bursaries to exceptional pupils based on a combination of need and outstanding abilities in academics, art, drama, music or sport. Bursaries have enabled the School to nurture some of the most inspirational leaders, the finest sportsmen and passionate musicians, artists and academics. 

Bursaries are awarded to pupils whose parents might not otherwise be able to afford a Salopian education. As the cost of a Shrewsbury education grows, the number of requests for bursarial support increases and, as with many independent schools, the level of funding needed is simply unsustainable. Therefore, the Foundation must rely on the generosity of Old Salopians, parents and friends for bursarial support to ensure a strong future for the School.

If you wish to donate to a bursary, please go to ways of giving or for further information, please contact the Foundation.


Registered Charity No. 528415

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