Shrewsbury School

Challenge of Management

At the end of the Summer Term of the Lower Sixth, a Challenge of Management conference is held at Shrewsbury School, to encourage pupils to see what management means in all types of job, though primarily in industry and commerce.

The delegates, our Lower Sixth pupils, are split into groups and must complete a diverse range of tasks throughout the conference. At the core of the conference is a business game designed to replicate an industry in real life and groups compete in different markets against each other. A number of other tasks, requiring linguistic, marketing, presenting and debating skills must also be completed.

At all stages, delegates are guided through potential pitfalls by their own group adviser, an individual from outside the School who has considerable business knowledge. The conference includes a dinner with speeches from high profile individuals from the business world.

The conference is a unique opportunity for the delegates to bring their own particular skills into a team environment to achieve a common aim. It is therefore a hugely valuable addition to the academic curriculum within Shrewsbury School.

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