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Contributing to Teacher Training

We are enthusiastically seeking to work more closely with a range of academic institutions supporting the development of teachers and contributing to the training of teachers.

We have enabled teaching colleagues to support PGCE students at Liverpool John Moores University as they prepare to enter the profession and we have recently joined forces with Liverpool Hope University and the Classics Hub based at Liverpool College to support the drive to train Classics teachers and widen access to the subject in the state sector.

Locally we are currently exploring options to work with partners in Shropshire to provide placement opportunities for teachers across the wider curriculum.

Stronger Together...

Through contributing to teacher training we are:

  • Undertaking flexible recruitment including unqualified candidates who will then be trained through studying a PGCE qualification
  • Supporting qualified colleagues with their NQT induction year
  • Working with PGCE students via Liverpool John Moores University – support for students in Geography and more generally in panels aimed to help aspiring teachers with applications, not least to independent sector
  • Sharing INSET with three local secondary schools signed up to attend digital safeguarding talks (postponed due to COVID-19)
  • Developing a Classics Hub (with Liverpool College / Liverpool Hope University / Wolverhampton Girls High School) to train classicists via Schools Direct

Benefits and Impact

Contributing to teacher training provides a holistic benefit across our school positively impacting both staff and pupils:

  • PGCE and NQT students bring new ideas and thinking about pedagogy which benefits mentors, Faculties and potentially wider teaching body
  • Faculties keep up-to-date with Teachers’ Standards, especially in terms of leaders – benefits T&L more widely
  • Mentors have strong professional development
  • There is greater understanding of a wider educational context, including challenges and opportunities

Illustrating the impact of contribution to teacher training:

"Frazer delivered a 2 hour session to 20 PGDE Geography students in November 2019 on the use of technology in the classroom and stretching the most able pupils. This was very well received by the students who also had lots of questions about teaching geography in general which he

answered. It was really good for the students to get advice from a practicing teacher especially one who had completed their own PGCE quite recently so was aware of all the challenges they were facing.

The second session that Frazer contributed to was our ‘Get a Job Day’ in December. Frazer was a panel member for the humanities mock interviews that were organised. He rose to this challenge asking some very challenging questions of the students.

We are very grateful for the sessions that Frazer has contributed and would certainly like to develop a working relationship with the school around the training of student teachers. The feedback from the student teachers was very positive and if possible, I would like to involve Frazer in more sessions in the future."

Helen Gadsby, Senior Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University

Positive Opportunities...

We will be increasing our contributions to teacher training through:

  • Developing deeper relationships with Liverpool John Moores University by bringing their PGCE students to Shrewsbury to teach and to observe
  • Seeking to develop relationships with the Alliance of Leading Learning at MAT
  • Actively recruiting and supporting colleagues wishing to join the profession without QTS as and when the relevant opportunities arise
  • Further exploring becoming a SCITT centre for teacher training
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