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The aim of our teaching at Shrewsbury is to inspire: to stimulate curiosity and interest, and to give pupils an understanding of what they are really good at and what they enjoy.  We want our pupils to amaze themselves – and their parents – by not only meeting their potential, but by exceeding it.

"The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent. The pupils demonstrate the successful fulfilment of the School’s aims because they are intellectually curious and adopt a rigorous approach to academic study." ISI Educational Quality Inspection Report 2017

First Year: The Third Form

Head of Third Form: Mr Jeremy Lucas [JVL@]

Pupils follow a common curriculum, consisting of: English, Mathematics, French, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Philosophy and Theology (RS), Classics, Information Technology, Art and Design, Drama, Music, and Physical Education, plus German and Spanish or Greek.  Different subjects are taught in sets based on ability.  For example, it will be possible for a pupil to be in a high set for English and French, yet in a low set for Mathematics if they find the subject harder.

Each pupil is allocated a Tutor, who is linked to the pupil's house.  The Tutor supervises and takes a personal interest in a pupil’s work.  There is a tutorial period within the timetable for the close monitoring of academic progress and for the discussion in small groups of general issues, including matters of personal and social education.

In the Lent Term, there is a Third Form Parents’ Meeting, where general progress is reviewed and there is also scope for discussion of suitable choices of GCSE subjects to be studied in the Fourth and Fifth Forms.  Parents will receive a document outlining the Fourth Form Curriculum in advance of the Parents’ Meeting.

Full details are in the Third Form Curriculum document which is updated annually in June.

The Fourth Form

Head of Middle School: Mrs Sara Williams [SEW@]

The work follows on from that in the Third Form.  All pupils take English, Mathematics, French, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to GCSE.  They are required to take at least one Modern Foreign Language, chosen from French, German and Spanish. Study of a second (or third) modern language can be undertaken in the option blocks, where the other choices are Latin or Ancient History, Greek, German, Spanish, History, Geography, Art, Design, Philosophy & Theology (RS), Drama, Music, Astronomy and PE.

All examination courses embarked upon at the beginning of the Fourth Form year are normally continued through the two years to the GCSE or IGCSE examination. As well as the subjects studied for exams, pupils will also follow courses in PSD (Personal and Social Development).

A meeting of parents and staff will be arranged during the year, so that progress can be reviewed and any academic problems can be discussed.

Full details can be found in the Fourth Form Curriculum document which is updated annually in February.

The Fifth Form

Head of Middle School: Mrs Sara Williams [SEW@]

Pupils will continue with the two-year course started in the Fourth Form.

The Fifth Form Parents’ Meeting takes place in January, and at this meeting parents and pupils can discuss the choice of Sixth Form subjects with teaching staff.   In advance of the meeting all parents are sent a copy of The Sixth Form and Beyond, a document that outlines the Sixth Form curriculum, as well as describing the careers guidance available through the school.  During the Fifth Form year, all pupils will have received preliminary careers guidance through careers profiling tests, so that the subjects they choose for their A level courses suitably reflect their interests, their capabilities and their future.

The Sixth Form

Head of Sixth Form: Mr Dimitri Portier [DP@]

At the conclusion of the Fifth Form year, pupils enter the Sixth Form and begin the first year of the two-year courses they have chosen to pursue to A Level.  Advice on careers and on entry into establishments of Higher Education is available to pupils and parents throughout the year, and there is one Parent Consultation with Staff for each of the Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth Year Groups.

Each pupil chooses a Sixth Form Tutor, who will advise on university choices as well as providing support in academic and pastoral matters.

Full details can be found in The Sixth Form and Beyond which is updated each December.

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