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More detail about all of our academic faculties can be found in our Third Form Curriculum document, our Fourth Form Curriculum document (leading up to GCSE) and The Sixth Form and Beyond.

Head of Faculty: Mr K.M. Lloyd

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Design plays a key role in today's society. Individuals, companies and nations are affected at every level by the work of designers, not only in industry but in all aspects of professional and everyday life. The department's philosophy embraces the need to equip all pupils for the world in which they will live and work, as well as the particular needs of those who will eventually pursue careers in Design.

We aim to develop in all pupils an understanding of the nature of good design, and an appreciation of the impact that manufacturing and technology have on our environment. Individuals are encouraged to explore and develop their own design and technology interests, and to think creatively and imaginatively around the framework of designing and making products. They are taught to question and evaluate, modify and adapt existing designs; and learn how to generate new, innovative ways of meeting design needs.

At all levels the subject is presented through a series of structured problem-solving tasks. These are carefully designed to promote insight into the design process, and to develop essential design skills relating to materials and processes, electronics, manufacture and computer-aided design. Pupils are taught to make effective use of the laser cutter and our range of modern computer controlled machines for routing, milling and turning. The more traditional skills in natural materials and plastics are also taught.

The department regularly enters teams for National Design competitions, and there are also opportunities to undertake extracurricular projects, which offer freedom to explore and develop particular interests.

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