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Drama in the Sixth Form

The following information is taken from our document 'The Sixth Form and Beyond', which is updated each December. It can be downloaded as a pdf file.

A challenging and innovative A Level, Drama poses many questions about the social and cultural function of theatre and seeks to provide students with a range of intellectual and emotional experiences.

The AQA course has a substantial practical element, and students are assessed on their abilities as a performer or theatre technician. Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of plays from different genres and time periods, and to consider how they can develop a range of production and performance skills tailored to different styles of theatre. However, this is also an academic course, which encourages detailed reading and analysis, logical and coherent argument on paper, and an eye for detail.

Drama naturally complements English, of course, but also Art, Modern and Classical Languages, or indeed any of the other arts subjects.

Unit 1
Live Theatre and Prescribed Plays
3 hour written exam
Live theatre notes and open book
Students will attend a number of live theatre performances over the two-year course, and will choose one performance to discuss a particular aspect of performance or design.

Students will study two contrasting set texts from different periods of theatrical history and will answer a choice of questions from the perspective of a director, performer or designer.

Unit 2
Presentation of an Extract from a Play
Assessed performance and portfolio
Students will study three plays in the light of an established theatre practitioner and develop a performance concept for all three plays, which will be presented as a portfolio of notes and designs.  An extract from one of these plays will be presented in performance.
Unit 3
Presentation of Devised Drama
Assessed performance and portfolio
This performance unit requires students to devise a short piece of theatre based on the study of an established theatrical practitioner (in addition to the practitioner studied in Unit 2).  The performance is to be supported by notes on the chosen skill.
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