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Duke of Edinburgh's Awards

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is the premier personal development award for young people and provides an internationally recognised qualification.  At Shrewsbury we offer all three levels of the Award:  Bronze, Silver and Gold.  The award is not an activity in itself yet serves to accredit worthy undertakings that pupils will undertake as part of their normal programme as well as giving them a wider outlook.  Not all that start the award will finish; and, like all good qualifications, the inherent value of any level of the award lies in its difficulty and challenge.

Please use the links to see more information about the D of E Awards at Shrewsbury.

Forthcoming Duke of Edinburgh events

Any future events planned for the current term will be shown below.

Other Options (from £70) -  Open Gold Expedition Options are arranged nationally by providers throughout the UK.  Prices vary widely depending on the subsidy given by local authorities.

Cadet Options -  If you son/daughter is a cadet or ex-cadet, opportunities are available from £40 for training and assessment in the UK and abroad.  Please visit for more information.  Application forms and cheques to be passed to myself for processing.  The application form is available as a download from the website.

Additional Information - please do not hesitate to email

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