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More detail about all of our academic faculties can be found in our Third Form Curriculum document, our Fourth Form Curriculum document (leading up to GCSE) and The Sixth Form and Beyond.

Head of Faculty: Mr P.A. Merricks-Murgatroyd

  • What causes unemployment?
  • Why do economies often go through periods of strong growth followed by periods of slow growth or recession?
  • Should the UK leave the EU?
  • Should governments intervene in free markets?

Economics is a real and relevant subject that is used to gain an insight into many issues and problems that affect us all. It answers questions such as those above by developing and applying theoretical economic principles in a rigorous and impartial manner. The Faculty aims to provide challenges which will stimulate and motivate students through the use of newspapers, journals, current affairs programmes, the internet, CD Roms and visits.

Pupils take part in three different competitions through the year:

  • Bank of England Target 2.0 takes place in the Michaelmas Term (and Lent if the first round is successfully negotiated).
  • Proshare Student Investor. This competition is designed to promote financial education and share ownership and is sponsored by the DTI, London Stock Exchange and HSBC and is also part of the government's Citizenship initiative. The competition runs throughout the Michaelmas term and into the Lent term, and is open to all A level students. Additionally students compete against teams from the Business Studies faculty for internal prizes.
  • Fantasy budget. This competition runs in February and March each year and is open to all A level students; they have to produce an alternative budget to that of the Chancellor.
The most beautiful playing fields in the world, spreading and mingling imperceptibly with the pastureland of Shropshire.
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