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Encouraging Communities through Activities - Music and Drama

The Shrewsbury School Music and Drama Faculties work independently, and often work together, to share productions with a wider audience and to extend cultural opportunities to people of all ages in the community.

The excellence and diversity of what is produced by the School’s musicians, singers and actors provides great entertainment and pleasure, whether on site, locally, or on the road nationally. Working with children from primary school age all the way through to senior citizens, the opportunity to join in is extended to music lovers of all ages and backgrounds.

Stronger Together...

The School has a remarkable number of projects aimed at involving the wider community:

  • ‘Symphonic Sundays’ bring together young musicians (aged 7-13) to give them the opportunity to develop playing their instruments with others
  • ‘Community Choir’ has close to 150 members from the general public  ‘Town Symphony Orchestra’ has c70 members
  • Our music events programme is open to the general public, often free of charge – it brings enormous social and cultural benefit both to the town and to the School
  • ‘Concert Party’ is a Thursday afternoon activity where our students perform music and song in care homes, local state schools and in support of ‘In Harmony’
  • Many concerts are in support of worthy local charities – in 2018-19 over £14k was raised  
  • Over 100 Shrewsbury School students are involved annually in these projects

Benefits and Impact

Illustrating the impact of our partnership and community work through performance:

"It was a wonderful experience for her to play with a range of other musicians that she doesn’t normally get. Unfortunately at school there is no orchestra... I am very grateful to yourself and to the other teachers and Shrewsbury School for giving up your Sunday afternoon and allowing her the opportunity.

You worked wonders with them in such a short time and it was amazing for him to feel part of such a big orchestra."

Emails of thanks from parents related to ‘Symphonic Sundays’

Positive Opportunities...

We are looking forward to further creative partnerships with the local community:

  • More singing planned with the development of a Year 5 Primary School choir
  • Greater collaboration with ‘In Harmony’ supporting primary school music – via the Birmingham Conservatoire
  • Using the new Barnes Theatre to explore opportunities for offering dance and theatre to the wider community
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