Shrewsbury School


 Shrewsbury is one of the country's strongest schools in Eton Fives, which is a major sport in the Lent Term. The school has 14 Fives courts (refurbished in 2009) and regularly hosts major tournaments including the National Schools Championships. The sport is popular, with up to 150 boys and girls playing it on any given day.

School matches are arranged during the Lent Term for boys and girls of all ages against all the major Fives playing schools, including weekend trips to play Eton and Harrow.

Both our boys and girls enjoy fairly regular national success: in April 2015 we won the U14 beginners’ tournament, the first time a girl had been in the winning pair in the tournament, and we won it again in 2016. We won the U16s' competition in both 2013 and 2014.

A key part of the Fives philosophy at the School is to ensure the students want to continue playing when they leave School. The success of this is evident looking at university teams: Oxford and Cambridge sides contain Salopians more often than not; one of our first ever girls to play went on to win a half blue and captain the Oxford ladies; one of our 2015 leavers reached the final of the Universities’ tournament for LSE in October 2015.


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