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If you are on Twitter, please follow us @ShrewsSchool for daily tweets of School news, events and photos.

There are also over 20 other School Twitter accounts covering academic, sports and co-curricular activities that you may be interested in following.  

Leo Winkley - Headmaster @LeoWinkley
Shrewsbury School @ShrewsburySch
Shrewsbury Music & Arts Events @ShrewsEvents
Salopian Club @SalopianClubOff
Sport @ShrewsburySport
The Boat Club (RSSBC) @RSSBC
Cricket @shrschcricket
Football @ShrewsSchFooty
The Hunt (RSSH) (cross-country running) @RSSH_Shrewsbury
Fives @ShrewsSchFives
Shrewsbury Activities (Thursday afternoons,
DofE, Rovers & other co-curricular activities)
Moser Library @MoserLibrary
Futures (Careers) Dept @shrewsfutures
Art Dept @ArtShrewsbury
Music Dept @ShrewsburyMusic
Biology Dept @ShrewsburyBiol
Geography Dept @shrewsbury_geog
German Dept @ShrewsGerman
Spanish Dept @ShrewsburySpan1
Design & Technology Dept @DTShrewsbury 
Maurice Walters - Deputy Head (Academic) @DhaMhw
Anna Peak - Deputy Head (Pastoral) @ShrewsburyDHP
Peter Middleton - Deputy Head (Co-curricular) @ShrewsburyDHCC
Toby Percival - Head of Higher Education @TobyPercival

Several of the Houses are on Twitter; please see the House pages for links. These are closed groups for current pupils and their parents and for former pupils in those Houses.

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