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Head of Faculty: Mr H.R.W. Peach

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German has proved a popular subject at Shrewsbury over recent years. We try to make the learning experience an enjoyable one, fostering self-confident expression (as well as grammatical rigour!). Our classrooms in the Main School Building all have satellite television and video facilities, we make use of online language platforms and we share with the other languages a multi-media laboratory.

German is, we believe, a very useful language of which to have a command. It is the most widely spoken language within the European Union; industry and commerce are crying out for well-qualified Germanists (Germany is indeed Britain’s major trading partner). GCSE provides a good basic knowledge; those who go on to take the subject in the Sixth Form gain further insights into the culture of German-speaking countries, as well as an enhanced proficiency in the language.

We encourage all learners to gain exposure to native speakers of German, both through our language assistant and by participation in study visits to the country, which encompass cultural visits as well as football or ice hockey matches. Back at school, we foster interest in German culture through our curriculum, occasional theatre visits, poetry recitals, and the showing of films.

We believe that all Salopians are capable of reasonable fluency in the German language. The most proficient have achieved truly excellent results at all levels, including an M.Phil (with Distinction) at Oxford and an Exhibition in German at St Hilda’s, Oxford (both 2011). Over the past 20 years, 30 pupils have applied to read German at Oxbridge, of whom no fewer than 20 have been successful. Our most recent successful applications were in 2018 to Cambridge, and 2019 to Oxford. 

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