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Higher Education

In order to help with the choice of Higher Education, all Sixth Formers utilise Unifrog to explore courses both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Much advice is given and discussions take place between students, parents, Tutors, Housemasters and the Higher Education Adviser. A full range of prospectuses are available in the Futures Department, and visits to Open Days are encouraged.

A large number of students apply to Oxford and Cambridge every year. Extensive thought and advice is given to the choice of course, university and college. Students apply to university through UCAS Apply (the web-based application system). Many students apply to Higher Education post A-Level, (during a gap year for example) and all careers advice is also available to them as Old Salopians.

Over the last few years, the most popular university destinations for Salopians have been (in alphabetical order): Birmingham; Bristol; Cambridge; Durham; Edinburgh; Leeds; Manchester; Newcastle; Nottingham; Oxford; Oxford Brookes and Warwick.



We have experienced a growing interest in American universities, and that has translated into a small but increasing number of students applying to the USA. As a consequence, we have developed resources and an annual conference to support pupils in their discovery of the American system, and the application mechanisms. In the last two years, we have introduced a structured SAT Prep course for our students and we have also become an SAT test centre. The USA Universities Conference covers the key areas of information necessary in order to consider and successfully apply to higher education in the USA. This is open to students, parents and careers staff both within and outside the School.

The School is working towards having a named contact at the 30 most popular universities in the UK for Shrewsbury pupils, to help offer advice on student life, accommodation, and any other queries. These contacts will be managed by the Higher Education Adviser.

To discuss Higher Education options, please contact the Futures Department on

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