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More detail about all of our academic faculties can be found in our Third Form Curriculum document, our Fourth Form Curriculum document (leading up to GCSE) and The Sixth Form and Beyond.

Head of Faculty: Mr H.G. Mackridge

Lord Acton famously remarked “History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul.” Studying History at Shrewsbury is one such attempt at illuminating past human experiences and making sense of the world today.

The History Faculty at Shrewsbury offers a wide range of courses that are designed to engage and inspire pupils and encourage in them a love of History. A key aim of History teaching is to enable pupils to develop their literary and independent study skills. Reading, writing and discussion are key components in the study of History, and this makes History an extremely useful subject to study for a number of vocations. Cambridge University rank History as one of four “cornerstone” subjects for those pursuing Humanities-related degree courses and the skills taught here at Shrewsbury seek to prepare our students for study of the subject (or a related area) at elite institutions in Britain and beyond. 

History in the Third Form

In the Third Form pupils study a unique, contemporary and exciting History course titled Britain and the 20th Century. The core focus is on Britain’s relations with the world throughout the turbulent 20th Century. focusing in particular on the World Wars and decolonisation case studies along the way. This course is designed to give pupils a precise knowledge of modern British history, and also to allow them to develop analytical and essay skills in order to prepare those who choose to continue with the subject at GCSE. A particular highlight of the Third Form year is a Faculty organised trip to the battlefields of World War I.  

History GCSE

The GCSE follows the OCR Modern World ‘B’ syllabus, and is focused on the first half of the 20th century. The legacy of World War I and the Versailles settlement, the Weimar Republic, the rise of Hitler and the outbreak of World War II in 1939 form the basis of work in the Fourth Form. In the Fifth Form pupils complete one piece of coursework on the Russian Revolution of 1917, and also study British history 1890-1918. There are two exams at the end of the Fifth Form. The course is an exciting and challenging one and numbers reveal History as one of the most popular optional subjects at Shrewsbury.

For details of the Sixth Form history course, please follow the link on the left. 

History trips

We have connections with other faculties, particularly in recent years with the Classics Faculty. 

For accounts of some of our recent History trips, please see Third Form Battlefield Tour 2018 and History Study trip to Auschwitz and Krakow, Easter 2017.

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