Shrewsbury School

ICT & Computing in the Third Form

Third Form ICT

This course aims to teach all pupils to be responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology. The tasks are project-based and involve an interchange of data and concepts between different software application packages. This in-house course serves as a foundation so that all pupils have a basic level of competence in ICT (eg Microsoft Office, Internet and Email and some video editing). Pupils are also taught about e-safety and issues of computer misuse. Each set has 1 lesson per week.

Third Form Computing

This will operate as a block release from Mathematics. There will be either 6 or 7 lessons per block.

First block – Programming

Most sets will learn the basics of the Python programming language in a problem-solving context. This is a text-based coding language. Pupils will learn how the language works and use it in a series of simple tasks. This is more conceptually challenging and should stretch pupils in the higher maths sets.

Alternatively one or more sets will create a game using Scratch, a programming tool created by MIT. The visual nature of Scratch makes it feel less abstract and has a very quick learning curve. Pupils will be able to create a working game, without struggling through too much theory. They will still have to work logically and understand concepts such as sequence, selection and repetition. They will handle inputs and outputs and use variables. Pupils will also have to learn how to de-bug their programs to correct mistakes, working in pairs.

Second Block – Computer Control

All sets will learn to control (PICAXE) robots. The emphasis is on devising the algorithms needed to complete set tasks. The various models will be pre-built (to save time and concentrate minds on control).

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