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Matches and Fixtures

A full list of forthcoming sports fixtures for the current term is included at the foot of this page.

We also use an external website for our team selections, more detailed information about our fixtures and results, which we hope will make it easy for parents and supporters to find the information that they need.

Sports Calendar

The Sports Calendar has detailed information about all of our fixtures: team selections should be available for any imminent fixtures (where you see this blue image ); and you should be able to drill down to find the appropriate location map for any of our away matches.  Viewing the Calendar either by Week or by Day gives you more information at a glance than the default monthly view.

Following a particular team

The Sports & Teams Fixtures & Results page will give you a detailed fixture listing and results for any of our teams.  It is also possible to download the team's fixture list onto your personal calendar on your PC or mobile device, which will then be synchronised with the master fixture list whenever your device is connected to the internet.

News and other information

We will continue to use our own website for Sports News weekly round-ups of results and information about any major forthcoming fixtures, which will also be included in our weekly eNewsletters.

Home matches

If you are intending to watch any of the home matches, please be aware that the pitch allocation may not be finalised until the day itself, although you can view the current postion of the pitches on the map below. (Please click here to open it at a larger size.)

Match teas

Match teas are provided for all parents and families (not just those supporting our own teams!) in Quod - the Sixth Form common room - after home matches on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Quod is situated almost next door to the Admissions Office, and the entrance to it is from the Moser Quadrangle.

Information for visiting teams

Please follow the link Information for visiting teams to find out which entrance, etc to use.


    Forthcoming Fixtures this term - all sports

    Friday 18 October 2019

    Saturday 19 October 2019

    Monday 28 October 2019

    Sunday 10 November 2019

    RSSH: Tucks Slay, The Fox Inn, Great Ryton (meet Kingsland Hall, 6.30pm)

    Tuesday 12 November 2019

    Monday 18 November 2019

    Friday 22 November 2019

    Tuesday 10 December 2019

    Football: House U15 Final
    Football: House 2nd League Final
    Girls Hockey: U15 House Final
    Football: House 1st League Final
    Girls Hockey: 2nd House Final
    Girls Hockey: 1st House Final

    Saturday 11 January 2020

    Wednesday 15 January 2020

    Tuesday 21 January 2020

    Wednesday 29 January 2020

    Saturday 8 February 2020

    Saturday 15 February 2020

    Sunday 16 February 2020

    Saturday 7 March 2020

    Thursday 7 May 2020

    Thursday 14 May 2020

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