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Maths Project

Working with the Marches Academy Trust

We have been working with the Marches Academy Trust (MAT) for the past three years supporting pupils at Shrewsbury Academy School within the Trust to raise their aspirations and performance in Maths at GCSE level. Led by our former Head of Maths, Mr Ian Payne, we support two groups (one of high achievers, one of lower ability) to make progress using dedicated resources.

The aim is to make Maths fun and to build confidence whilst delivering the course. In future, the programme is set to develop using a partnership grant from the Department for Education, enabling us to work more collaboratively with the Marches Academy Trust to ensure that best practice is shared more widely such that more pupils benefit.

Stronger Together...


We are always looking to bring young people and staff together for mutual benefit, with current activity including:

  • Weekly additional Maths support / inspirational lessons for Shrewsbury Academy students delivered by Ian Payne, former Head of Maths
  • Two sessions – one for higher achievers, one for low achievers who are in danger of not passing GCSE
  • Sessions are followed by a meal in our dining hall  Pilot study on the impact of these classes via
  • Impact Education – monitoring progress in the subject as well as attitudinal changes
  • Liaison with MAT Strategic Lead for Maths  Opening up Shrewsbury events – inspirational
  • Maths talks and masterclass visits to MAT students
  • With the MAT we put together a successful £20k bid for DFE funding to support an increase in partnership work. We were one of just 17 bids (from over 100) to be awarded such funding

Benefits and Impact

This partnership is mutually beneficial in terms of developing leadership and general pedagogy in Maths at all involved institutions. The joint working also:

  • Encourages reflection on support for Maths students at top and bottom end of ability range in particular
  • Provides a direct benefit on the teaching and learning experience and outcomes for our students
  • Creates a greater social diversity in shared events such as talks and master-classes

Illustrating the impact of our partnership work with the Marches Academy Trust schools and pupils:

"...thanks to your help I successfully managed to pass my Maths.

I would like to thank you for all your help and support. Thank you for coming over to collect us and providing us with a meal. I honestly believe that without your help I wouldn’t have passed the course. I am so grateful for everything you did for us."

Fifth Form Pupil, from a local school supported by Shrewsbury School Maths Faculty

Positive Opportunities...

We are looking forward to our continuing partnership with the Marches Academy Trust and its schools and pupils to:

  • Help support and develop leadership in Maths at Shrewsbury Academy and in MAT
  • Help support and develop Maths teaching in MAT and at Shrewsbury School
  • Develop physical and digital resources for mutual benefit
  • Help to improve GCSE Maths results at Shrewsbury Academy and Shrewsbury School
  • Support stronger pupils to increase A Level take up / university applications
  • Involve Shrewsbury School students in mentoring
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