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Physical Education

More detail about all of our academic faculties can be found in our Third Form Curriculum document, our Fourth Form Curriculum document (leading up to GCSE) and The Sixth Form and Beyond.

Head of Faculty: Miss E.J. Davies

Sport and Physical Education thrive at Shrewsbury School. The School is steeped in sporting tradition and history, and pupils and staff are proud of its ancestry. The Hunt, our Cross Country squad, is the oldest running club in the world, and pupils Horner and Luckock helped establish the first globally accepted laws of association football - the Cambridge Rules, back in 1856. Sport and P.E. therefore play a huge part in the lives of pupils here, so studying Physical Education is a welcome opportunity for many.

This is an exciting time for those wishing to study Physical Education; as from September 2010, Fourth and Fifth Formers have been able to study GCSE Physical Education for the first time, which will help them enormously if they carry on to Advanced Level study, which has been an option for Sixth Form pupils for some years. Both qualifications expose the pupils to the delivery of Physical Education in a theoretical and practical setting, and there can be no better setting than the playing fields and facilities at Shrewsbury School.

Please follow the links to the full GCSE and A-Level course details. In short, though, pupils are able to apply knowledge in such fields as anatomy and exercise physiology, biomechanics, skill acquisition, sport psychology, the history of sport and the Olympic movement, contemporary sport and socio-cultural factors. Pupils are also continuously assessed on their practical ability as a performer, coach or official.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact the PE department on 01743 280697 or email Andrew Murfin (Director of Sport) -

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