Shrewsbury School

Policy documents

In accordance with the Independent Schools Regulations 2009, the following school policies are available on this website as PDF files.  Hard copies are also available on request from the Headmaster’s Office.

 Admissions Policy and Procedure
 Anti-Bullying Policy
 Boarding Principles and Practice
 Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
 Complaints Procedure (Parents)
 Concerns and Complaints Procedure (Pupils)
 Complaints Procedure - number of complaints
 Conducting a Search and Confiscation Policy
 Counselling Policy
 Curriculum Policy
 Cyber-Bullying Policy
 Data Policies
 DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Policy
 Drugs and Substance Abuse Policy
 Educational Visits Policy
 English as an Additional Language Policy
 Equal Opportunities Policy
 Fire Safety Policy
 First Aid Policy
 Guardianship Policy and Agreement
 Health & Safety Policy
 IT Acceptable Use of Computers - Pupils
 IT Acceptable Use of Computers - Non-Pupils
 IT Bring Your Own Device Policy
 Learning Support Policy
 Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy
 Missing Pupil Policy
 Policy Statement - included in prospectus
 Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy
 Personal & Social Development Policy
 Privacy Notice
 Pupil Behaviour Policy
 Pupil Images Policy
 Pupil Supervision Policy
 Risk Assessment Policy
 Safer Recruitment Policy
 SENDA - Special Educational Needs & Disability Act 
 Statement of Aims
 Statement of School Ethos
 Terms & Conditions
 Transgender Policy
 Whistle-Blowing Policy
 Yellow Card (Code of Behaviour Booklet)

Additionally, the following information is available elsewhere on our website:

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