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We pride ourselves on our sporting ethos at Shrewsbury School.

We have a formidable history in competitive sport dating back beyond, but most notably during, the Victorian era, which saw the codification of many sports. Shrewsbury was prolific during this period, when Salopians were central in the writing of the laws of football (the oldest set of written rules resides in our Library) and in establishing cross-country running in the form of 'The Royal Shrewsbury School Hunt' (RSSH) - the oldest running club in the world. Today we are a broad church offering an unrivalled breadth of sports at all levels of performance – from participation to podium. In addition to football and cross-country running, we also aspire to national success in cricket, fives and rowing as well as strong offerings in rugby, netball, hockey, lacrosse, racket sports, swimming, fencing, basketball and athletics.

The introduction of girls in 2008 added a new dimension to our sporting programme. Our girls are blazing a trail, fitting of the Salopian sporting pioneers of the past, and have quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with on the regional and national stage. Yes, our girls play the traditional girl sports – hockey, netball, lacrosse; but they also compete, on an equal footing, with our boys in our traditional sporting strongholds – football, rowing, fives, cricket and cross-country. There is no limit to what they can achieve and we want them to break the boundaries for our sportswomen of the future.

Shrewsbury School has a wide range of sporting options, from ‘participation’ sports focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, to ‘performance’ and ‘podium’ sports focused on achieving regional or national success. Regardless of the level of involvement, our programme enables pupils to access some of the best facilities and playing fields in the country, alongside outstanding coaching. The physiological and psychological benefits of participation in sport and exercise are well documented and we strongly believe that our innovative programme helps to build resilience and a can-do mentality in our pupils that helps them in other areas of school life too.

We are one of the top sporting schools in the country, as evidenced by the quality of our facilities, coaches and performance levels. A number of our pupils have used Shrewsbury as a platform from which to springboard into the world of professional sport and even international success.  This career pathway is something that we are experienced at managing, and our success rate in cricket specifically is unrivalled, with 13 pupils going into the professional game in that last 11 years.

To support our pupils and dedicated athletes, we work with professional counties/clubs to deliver EPPP schemes and we have our own Dedicated Athlete Programme. We have moved with the times to deliver an exciting programme that augments the quality facilities and coaching with additional mentoring, lecture series and sports science that include athletic development (Strength & Conditioning), performance analysis and Growth Mindset workshops.


Our sports facilities are put to good use by other clubs and organisations when they are not needed for our own use. Please see our pages on Holiday Courses and Hiring our Sporting Facilities for further information.

We also offer Sporting Experience Taster Days to groups of pupils in Years 5 & 6 at our feeder schools. For further details, please see our brochure The Shrewsbury School Sporting Experience. To book a Taster Day, please contact Alita Stephenson, Sports Administrator:, tel. 01743 280697.

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