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Teaching Staff

Staff may be contacted by email as - initials are given in brackets after the names.
Heads of Faculties are shown in bold.

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 Roxanne Adams (RWA, Global Perspectives (GPR), Economics) B.Ec., B.Ed., University of Tasmania, Australia
 Revd Alex Aldous (ACVA, Philosophy and Theology) B.A. Southampton   
 Grace Ansell (GA, Head of English as an Additional Language (EAL) and International Inclusion) M.A. National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, Cert. (ES) TESOL, The College of Teachers, Cheshire
Jerome Armstrong (JCA, Maths) M.A., late Scholar of St John’s College, Oxford

Andy Barnard (ASB, Geography, Housemaster) B.A., Liverpool Polytechnic, P.G.C.E., Loughborough University
Matthew Barrett (MWDB, Economics, Business Studies, Housemaster) B.Sc., Aston University, M.A., Middlesex University
Richard Barrett (RB, Physics) M.Sc., Ph.D., Birmingham 
Giles Bell (GJFB, Philosophy & Theology, Admissions Tutor) B.A., St Chad's College, University of Durham 
Morgan Bird (MCB, Philosophy & Theology, Housemaster) B.A, University of Nottingham 
Nicola Bradburne (NJB, Physical Education, Head of Girls' Games) B.A., Carnegie College,  Leeds Metropolitan University (on maternity leave from Nov 2017) 
Andrew Briggs (ADB, Chemistry, Head of Science) B.Sc., Ph.D., University of Newcastle, M.R.S.C., A.C.I.E.A.
Helen Brown (HRB, Drama) M.A. Merton College, Oxford, F.T.C.L. 
Rhodri Burke (JRB, Physics) B.Sc., C.Phys., M.Inst.P., University of Manchester

Lucy Caddel (LAC, Head of Art) B.A. University of Newcastle
Christian Cappell (CPC, Geography) B.Sc. University of Birmingham (until January ’19)
Richard Case (RAJC, Biology, Housemaster) B.Sc., University of Leeds, Ph.D., University of Hull
Oliver Chipperton (OJC, History) B.A., Hull; M.A., Queen Mary
Matthew Clark (MDHC, Classics, Sixth Form Admissions Tutor) M.A., Balliol College, Oxford
David Clifford (DC, Film Fellow) B.A., University of Wolverhampton
Chris Cook (CEC, History) M.A., University of Wales, Cardiff
Seb Cooley (SKPC, Maths, Physics) MEng., University of Warwick
Laura Cooper (LJC, Art) B.A. Glasgow School of Art
Tom Corbett (TACC, Chemistry) B.Sc. University of Bristol 
Stuart Cowper (SHC, Spanish, Director of Teaching & Learning) M.A., Christ Church, Oxford
Martin Cropper (MC, Senior Master & Director of Admissions, Maths) M.A., The Queen’s College, Oxford
Anne Crump (AJC, Design & Technology, Housemistress) B.Sc., University of Lancaster
Nick David (NPD, Business Studies, Economics, Director of Activities) B.Sc., M.R.I.C.S., University of the West of England
Gwenan Davies (GWD, Head of Girls' Cricket) B.Sc., University of Loughborough
Jenny Davis (JD, Maths) B.Sc, Loughborough University
Lesley Drew (LJD, English, Theatre Studies) B.A., University of York

Mark Elliot (MSE, Physics, Astronomy) M.A., Peterhouse, Cambridge, Ph.D., University of Edinburgh, C.Phys., M.Inst.P.
Cathy English (CE, Learning Support) B.A., Edge Hill University
Rhodri Evans (RFE, Geography) B.Sc. University of Loughborough (from January 2018)
Henry Exham (HSME, Biology, Head of Digital Learning) B.Sc., University of Bristol

Henry Farmer (HPF, Modern Languages, Head of Pupil Welfare (PSD)) B.A., University of Liverpool
Tom Fitton (RTF, Maths) M. Eng, College of St Hild & St Bede, University of Durham
Paul Fitzgerald (PGF, Classics) M.A., Brasenose College, Oxford
Sara Fletcher (SF, Biology) B.Sc., University of Keele.
Steve Fox (SAAF, Geography) B.A., Grey College, University of Durham
Jeanne Fournis (JF, Bordeaux Fellow) University of Bordeaux
James Fraser-Andrews (JRFA, English) M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; M.Mus., University of London

Jarrod Gabbitas (JAG, Art) B.A., University of Birmingham; M.A., University of Sussex
Dr John Godwin (JG, Classics) M.A. (Oxford), B.A.(Kent), Ph.D., F.R.S.A., L.R.A.M., late Scholar of University College, Oxford
Sam Griffiths (SCG, History, Housemaster) B.A., University of Northumbria; M.Sc. University of Edinburgh 

Martin Hansen (MHH, Maths) B.Sc., Heriot-Watt University; B.A., Open University
Myles Harding (MJH, Economics and Business Studies) B.A., A.C.A., Nottingham University
Stewart Harrison (SMH, History of Art) B.A., University of Wales; M.A., Open University
Ian Haworth (IPH, History) M.A., Manchester University
Trish Henderson (PEH, Head of Spanish) B.A., University College, Durham
Emily Higgins (ECH, Modern Languages) B.A., St Mary’s College, Durham
Richard Hudson (RTH, English, Housemaster) M.A., Magdalene College, Cambridge, Barrister, Middle Temple
Will Hughes (WAH, P.E., Housemaster) B.A., University of Northumbria
Martin Humphreys (MACH, History) M.A., Downing College, Cambridge
Athol Hundermark (ATH, Director of Rowing) B.Sc. Rhodes University, South Africa
Suzanne Huxley (SPH, German) B.A., M.B.A. University of Bradford (until January 2019)

Marcus Johnson (MDBJ, Maths, Housemaster) B.A., University of the West of England
David Joyce (DMJ, Music) Dip.R.C.M., A.R.C.M., Royal College of Music

Paul Kaye (PAK, Educational ICT)
B.Eng., University of Bristol
Colm Kealy (CWK, Business Studies) B.Comm., University College, Dublin
Emma Kelly (EJK, Physical Education, Acting Head of Girls' Games) B.A., St Mary's Twickenham
Revd Andy Keulemans (AK, Chaplain) B.Sc, University of Aberystwyth; B.Th., University of Nottingham
Martin Kirk (MAK, Physics)
B.Sc., University of Newcastle
Victoria Kirk (VLK, Chemistry) B.Sc., University of Nottingham

Sarah Latcham (SGL, Classics) B.A., University College, London
David Law (DAL, English) B.A., Lancaster University; M.A. University College, London; Ph.D., Lancaster University
Nick Laws (NCL, Graduate Sports Coach) B.Sc., University of Northumbria
Amy Livingstone (AHL, Deputy Head of Learning Support) M.A., University of Edinburgh; R.S.A.
Kristina Leslie (KL, English)
B.A., University of Birmingham 
Dale Lloyd (DL, Graduate Sports Coach)
Kevin Lloyd (KML, Design & Technology)
B.A. Loughborough University, M.A. Central Saint Martin's College of Art & Design
Jeremy Lucas (JVL, Mathematics, Head of Third Form) LL.B., University of Manchester

Harry Mackridge (HGM, History) M.A. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge
Katharine Marriott (KSM, Graduate Sports Coach) B.Sc., Leeds Beckett
Maria Gracia Martinez (MGM, Rosaria Fellow) B.A., Rosario
Alex Mason (AEM, Assistant Director of Music) M.A. Oxford; M.Mus. (The Royal College of Music) F.R.C.O.; former Organ Scholar of Worcester College, Oxford
Jackie Matthews (JAM, Biology, Chemistry) B.Sc., University of Reading 
Frazer Matthews-Bird (FMB, Geography)  B.Sc. University of Liverpool; Ph.D., Open University
Nicole Matton (NMHM, French Tutor) C.A.P.E.S., License d'Enseignement, Paris X Nanterre
Heather May (HXM, Theatre Studies) (A.B., University of Princeton)
Maria McKenzie (MLM, Music) B.Mus. Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, M.Mus.(Perf) Royal Northern College of Music. L.T.C.L.
Paul Merricks-Murgatroyd (PAMM, Economics)
B.A., University of Newcastle
Emma Micklewright (EDM, Biology) B.A., The Queen’s College, Oxford; M.A., University of Sheffield
Peter Middleton (PJM, Deputy Head (Co-Curricular), English, Theatre Studies) B.A., University of Bristol
Karen Mitchell (KVM, Head of Learning Support)
M.A. (Sp.L.D), Edge Hill University, Dip. Ed. (Sp.L.D.), A.P.C.
Sam Mitchell (SM, Lead Athletic Development Coach)
John Moore (JFM, Director of Music)
B.A., L.R.A.M., University of East Anglia, Postgraduate at Royal Academy of Music
Torin Morgan (TSM, Biology) B.Sc., University of Exeter; Ph.D., University of Southampton
Adam Morris (APM, Spanish) B.A., University of Aberystwyth
Andrew Murfin (AJM, Director of Sport) B.Sc. Loughborough University, M.A. King's College, London

Dan Nicholas (DAGN, History, Housemaster) B.A., Grey College, University of Durham, M.A., Cranfield
Amy Nicholls (AN, Graduate Sports Coach)
Dympna Nightingale (DBN, Music, Careers Adviser) B.Mus., University of London, L.T.C.L., A.C.C.E.G.

Ciaran O’Rooke (CLO, English) M.A., Lincoln College, Oxford; M.A., King's College, London
Charles Oakley (CWO, Maths, Assistant to the Deputy Head (Academic)) M.Math., D.Phil., late Scholar of Corpus Christi College, Oxford

Jane Pattenden (JLP, Physics, Housemistress) M.A., D.Phil., St Hilda’s College, Oxford
Paul Pattenden (PP, Physics) M.A., D.Phil., C. Phys,. M.Inst.P., St John's College, Oxford
Ian Payne (IWP, Head of Maths) B.Sc, King's College London; M.A. Kingston
Huw Peach (HRWP, German) B.A., Hertford College, Oxford
Anna Peak (ARP, Deputy Head (Pastoral), Geography) B.A. University of Exeter
Toby Percival (TPP, Classics, Head of Middle School, Higher Education Adviser) M.A., late scholar of St Cuthbert’s Society, University of Durham
Heidi Pook (HEP, Learning Support) B.A., Liverpool
Dimitri Portier (DP, French, Head of Sixth Form) M.A., D.E.A., University of Bordeaux.
Paul Pridgeon (APP, Physical Education, Cricket Professional)
Naomi Pritchard (NMP, Business Studies, Housemistress) B.A., University of the West of England

William Reynolds (WRR, Design & Technology) B.Sc., Sheffield Hallam University
Mark Roberts (DMR, Mathematics & Computing) B.Sc, M.Ed., Open University
Alexandra Russell (AZR, German) B.A., Teesside University; Dip.Ed, University of Edinburgh (on maternity leave until Jan 2019)
Oliver Russell (OJR, Geography) M.Phil., Churchill College, Cambridge

Christine Samworth (CMS, Chemistry) B.Sc., Portsmouth; Ph.D., University of Aberystwyth
Mark Schofield (MS, Chemistry) B.Sc., University of Liverpool
Adam Shantry (AJS, Cricket Professional)
Samantha Shantry (SLMS, Maths (on maternity leave)) B.Sc., University of Cardiff
William Simper (WMS, Biology) B.Sc., University of Reading
Adam Smiter (AS, Physics) M.Sci., University of Nottingham
Isabel Smith (IFS, English as an Additional Language) B.A., University of London; M.A., B.A.C.P., Homerton College, Cambridge

Lauren Temple (LRT, English) B.A., Worcester College, Oxford
Julie Till (JHT, Learning Support) B.A., University of Birmingham, RSA/OCR Dip.Sp.L.D.
Mike Tonks (MJT, Philosophy & Theology, Second Master) B.A., University of Newcastle

Lauren Walker (LEW, Graduate Sports Coach) B.Sc., Manchester Metropolitan University
Maurice Walters (MHW, Deputy Head (Academic), Classics) M.A., St John's College, Oxford
Olivia Walters (OCW, Graduate Sports Coach) B.A., University of Southampton
Thane Warburg (TDJW, Modern Languages) M.A., Downing College, Cambridge
Rebecca Weatherstone (RBW, Modern Languages) B.A., Somerville College, Oxford
Nicholas Welch (NJW, Maths) B.Sc., University of Warwick
Emma Wheeler (EJW, Head of Philosophy & Theology) M.A., Worcester College, Oxford; M.A., University College, London
Tim Whitehead (TCW, Modern Languages - French) B.A., University College, London
Stephen Wilderspin (SPW, Physical Education, Master i/c Football) B.Ed., De Montford University
Sara Williams (SEW, Chemistry) M.Chem., University of Bradford
Clare Wilson (CHLW, Philosophy & Theology, Housemistress) B.A. Collingwood College, University of Durham
Robert Wilson (RMW, Maths) M.Eng., M.A. Collingwood College, University of Durham
Leo Winkley (Headmaster) M.A., Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford; M.Ed., P.G. Cert. Bus. Admin., Open University
Rachael Witcombe (RW, Design & Technology) B.Sc. Nottingham Trent University
Grace Woo (GYYW, Chemistry) M.Sc., Imperial College, London
Cordula Wordie (CIUW, Modern Languages) T.E.F.L., University of Münster; A.C.E.S., University of Edinburgh 
David Wray (DMW, Chemistry) M.A., St John's College, Oxford

James Yule (JMY, Art) B.A., University of London
Nick Zafar (NNZ, Economics) B.A., Birmingham City; M.A., University of Warwick 

Total number of teaching staff: 137


Ms. S. ALLAN, M.A. (Oxon), G.S.M.D. (Piano)
Mr J. ARRAN, A.R.M.C.M. (Classical Guitar)
Miss R. BINGHAM, L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M. (Cello)
Mr J. DOVER (Bass Guitar)
Mr C. EVANS, L.R.A.M., L.T.C.L. (Tuba)
Mr M. GARRETT (Drumkit)
Mr J. HARGREAVES, G.R.S.M. L.R.A.M. (Bassoon)
Mr G. HISLOP, B.Sc., M.R.I.C.S., F.A.A.V., M.I.AgrM. (Bagpipes)
Mr C. ISFRYN M.Mus. (Trumpet)
Mrs K. JOYCE, B.A., L.T.C.L. (Percussion) 
Miss K. LANDON, B.Mus. (Woodwind)                              
Miss S. LANE, A.R.C.M. (Flute)
Mr R. LEWIS A.G.S.M. (Double Bass)
Mr D. McKENZIE, B.A., M.Mus (Clarinet)
Mr S. POWELL, B.Mus., P.G. Dip. Performance (RNCM)  (Trombone)
Mr M. RAWLES, M.A., F.R.C.O. (Organ)
Mrs P. REID, A.R.C.M. (Piano)  
Mr P-R. RIDDERING, B.Mus., L.R.S.M. (Harp)
Mrs J. ROBINSON, A.R.C.M. (Violin)
Mr C. SHELLEY, B.A. (Open University), H.N.C., MinstAM (Dip.) (Guitar) 
Mr J. TAYLOR, B.Mus., Dip. Pop. Mus. (Salford) (Jazz Piano)
Miss R. THEOBALD, L.R.A.M., A.L.C.M. (Oboe)
Mrs K. TURPIN, M.A. Cantab. A.R.C.M (Singing), P.G. Adv Dip (Opera), R.C.M.

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