Shrewsbury School

Third & Fourth Forms (Years 9 & 10)

In the Third Form, we are looking for an intake with a wide variety of qualities, interests and abilities, and the families who choose us for their children provide us with a rich seam of potential that gives the school its great breadth and diversity.

In every respect we are quite a broad church at entrance (55% Common Entrance pass rate), and we attract pupils with the very highest abilities possible in their chosen sphere aged 13 as well as those who are still looking for direction, or whose potential is yet to be discovered.

Awakening what is dormant is equally exciting for us as challenging those who are already well-advanced.  Hence some of our Music Scholars will already be accomplished performers, whilst others will be looking for reassurance with the first steps on a new instrument.  Similarly, we will be encouraging top sportsmen and women in their chosen fields as well as providing fun and friendship through sport.

This is also true of the academic ability of our entrants: some will be top scholars, whose potential will already be clear and who will receive all the encouragement and incentive they need to cover the curriculum swiftly, and there will be others who will be close to our pass mark, for whom encouragement and support at a slower pace will be required. Small class sizes, a highly personalised tutorial system, and an excellent learning support team for those who need it, ensure the best possible start.

Please see our Application Procedure page for more information.

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