Shrewsbury School

Use of personal computers on the School network

  • Personal devices can be connected to the School network. Their primary role is to support your child's education. The School reserves the right to block sites which it feels are inappropriate or have no educational benefit.
  • The School Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) must be read by every pupil's parent or guardian.
  • Full instruction on how to connect your machine to the School network, plus your School username and password will be provided on arrival at your House.
  • It is required to ensure that pupils keep within the law – particularly copyright. Please note UK law may differ from your native country.
  • To protect pupils from unpleasant, illegal or inaccurate material on the internet all traffic is filtered and recorded.
  • Pupils should never try to bypass or interfere with any IT systems and/or connect any device or provide any type of service which has not been passed by IT; this is seen as a serious breach of the School AUP.
  • The School network is designed to support those engaged in study; restrictions may be put in place if the School feels genuine study is being restricted due to misuse.
  • If pupils have been provided with mobile devices by parents, the School strictly forbids pupils sharing these devices with other pupils.
  • Providing any type of shared storage (physical or cloud) or transferring any type of illegal or immoral content either over the School network or via USB, CD, DVD or other hardware is also strictly forbidden.
  • All devices must have working Anti Virus, trial versions are not acceptable.
  • IT has the right to ban, remove and inspect any devices from the School network which breach the School AUP

Tablets and Mobile Devices

The School has an extensive Wireless network covering all Houses and academic areas. Most social spaces are also covered.

Many pupils have access to mobile Internet provided by parents; unfortunately, we cannot control the content accessed by these devices, nor guarantee its availability. Granting your son or daughter access to the web via mobile devices carries many unnecessary risks and not encouraged by the School.

Parents of pupils joining us in the Third Form in particular, should consider carefully whether or not to allow their child to have access via their mobile phone to the Internet. The School would advise you to speak to your mobile provider about filtering, managing and monitoring data services if you do allow your son or daughter to use them.

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