Shrewsbury School

Working with Schools Together

We have been part of the steering group for Schools Together to support the development partnerships between State and Independent Schools

Stronger Together...

In partnership with Schools Together we have been helping to promote work to bring together the state and independent sectors. The Headmaster is on the steering group, shaping the development of this future work nationally. Our commitment to this work is fundamentally based on our strongly held belief that both sectors can work closely together for the mutual benefit of all schools, sharing ideas and practice for the benefit of all students and teachers.

Our commitment to this work has been seen over the past year:

  • Jointly organising a national conference ‘Residential Visits and Boarding Partnerships’ with Schools Together:
    • We have been working closly with the Chair of Boarding Schools Partnerships, the Boarding Schools Association, Independent and State School heads, teachers, charities including Into University and Buttle UK, representatives from Local Authorities with responsibility for Looked after Children.
    • We are delighted to be a Royal SpringBoard school working to support children from challenging circumstances through transformational opportunities and fully funded places at the School.
  •  Contributing more than 40 case studies to the Schools Together partnership website to support the sector highlighting its wider educational mission and impact.

Benefits and Impact...

This work enables the School to work closely with partners in both the state and independent sectors. Together we can share the best educational practice and provide young people with wider opportunities.

Positive Opportunities...

We are looking forward to continuing to work with Schools Together to:

  • Network with other schools active – sharing of ideas / practice
  • Work with Oundle School and Imperial College London to further develop our collaborative STEM potential programme
  • Develop a greater collaboration with Local Authorities – Shropshire and others in the region 
  • Further work with Boarding Schools Partnership
  • Further work with charities – Royal Springboard, Buttle, Into University



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