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eNewsletter: Friday 14th September 2018

Notices to Parents and Guardians

For Parents and Guardians of Third Formers

We look forward to welcoming families of Third Form pupils here at Shrewsbury to celebrate the end of Foundation Fortnight this weekend, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September. Please note that the Drinks Reception before the New Entrants’ Concert on Saturday will take place in the room above the School Shop (known as ‘Top of the Shop’) from 5.30pm. The Shrewsbury School Parents’ Association (SSPA) Committee will be there to say hello and answer any questions. Members of the SSPA Committee and the Parents' Prayer Group will also be at the Drinks Reception following the Chapel Service on Sunday.

'Raising Happy Teens' talk for all parents, Friday 21st September at 11.30am in the Alington Hall

Parents should have received an email earlier this week from Mr Farmer, Director of Welfare, with details of a talk to be given next Friday by Jackie Cox. She will cover topics such as how the adolescent brain changes, the effects of stress, exams and friendship issues, and practical ways to help young people and their parents. (More information below under 'Forthcoming Events'.)  We will be filming this talk and will make it available to parents via the Parent Portal for anyone who is not able to attend.

House Singing Tickets

A reminder that tickets to attend the House Singing Competition on 12th October need to be booked as soon as possible! A copy of the booking form can be downloaded here: House Singing Tickets 2018

The Shrewsbury School Ladies' Running Group are keen to welcome new members

A group of Shrewsbury School staff and mums of current and former pupils meet on Thursday evenings at 6pm at the School Sports Hall. They are training for the Severn Bridges 10k, the Royal Parks Half-Marathon in October and the Shrewsbury 10k and Half-Marathon next year. Contact Vicky Kirk on if you would like any more details - but whether you're new to running or already an amateur champion, you will be warmly welcomed and please feel free just to turn up. 

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