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eNewsletter: Friday 22nd January 2021

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An Introduction from Headmaster, Leo Winkley


Celebrating the effort, endeavour and enterprise of Salopians - Please follow this link for details of this week's Floreat. Below are images from this week's Floreat.


Lent Term Academic Update - January 2021

I, like many others, sat through Boris’ update on 4th January with a profound sinking sensation. In the aftermath of a Michaelmas Term which, although characterised by operational restrictions and nomadic teaching across the school site, had been largely undisrupted and an indisputable success from a teaching and learning perspective, to lose that sense of physical togetherness on site was a bitter pill to swallow. There was also, of course, that upsetting sense of déjà vu. We have been here before.

I have long since learned never to underestimate the capacity of a Salopian in a tough spot. The levels of active engagement and enthusiasm in this first fortnight have been magnificent – indicated, in no small part by the (literally) thousands of commendations issued in respect of effort and progress. They have my sincere admiration – as do all those teachers who have worked tirelessly and with enormous energy to plan their lessons and tailor this remote learning programme to the needs of every pupil. It is clear that all in the Salopian community are determined to make the very best of being together virtually at a time when we are forced to be apart.

Please follow this link to read the full update from Maurice Walters

40in40 Challenge: Around the World in 40 Days Update

Launched last week, our 40in40 Challenge has got off to a phenomenal start with an amazing response from the School community.  At the time of writing, 618 pupils have signed up to Strava and are logging their activities along with 59 members of staff and 179 from the wider community (including parents, former pupils, and friends of the school).  An impressive – and active- group of over 800 individuals has quickly mustered and in less than a week the team had collectively travelled over 11,000km between them, whether running, cycling, swimming, rowing or walking.   The target of Getting Around the World (40,000km+) in 40 Days had seemed like a somewhat outrageous target when we set out, but having covered a quarter of that distance already, we are well on our way to circumnavigating the globe!  If you haven’t already signed up but are keen to do so, search for ‘Shrewsbury School Community’ on Strava when you sign up. Note that when walking you will need to edit the activity to appear as ‘run’ in order for the distance to count and be logged.

The fundraising has likewise quickly gathered pace with over £2500 already raised for the respective house charities.  There’s a long way still to go to reach our target of £40,000 but if each pupil commits to raising just £50 for their house charity then we will hit that target and help make a real difference to those charities and the people and causes they support.

Do continue to help us to promote the initiative through social media by posting photos and videos of your activities wherever you are around the world.  Please tag in @ShrewsSchool and use any of the following hashtags: #Shrews40in40 #Shrews40Challenge #SalopiansAroundTheWorld 

Peter Middleton, Deputy Head Co-Curricular

The Beatles, The Hunt, Chaucer and more - An Invite to our Parents from Shrewsbury School

We are pleased to confirm the first wave of our live lectures, workshops and performances for our parents to enjoy.

The events are completely free and booking is only via the ticketsource website. Once you have made your selection you will be sent a confirmation email, which includes the zoom link.

Please follow this link to discover more

Shrewsbury School Art Faculty Gallery

We are really excited to launch our virtual website gallery for the Shrewsbury School Art faculty. This is a great opportunity for us to share our students’ artistic achievements more widely, especially while working in remote. We have begun with a general selection of GCSE & A-level work from the last 6 months but we’re planning on adding to this regularly including more of our photography, ceramics and textiles, and also work from the lower school. After the results are released in the summer, we’ll hopefully even be able to present a virtual version of our end of year summer show 2021!

Please follow this link to view the gallery

Lucy Caddel, Head of Art Faculty

Salop’s Got Musical Talent

There has been a positive response to the first of our Salop’s Got Musical Talent concerts. The video is available to view here.

Do tune in to hear persuasive performances from across the whole Salopian community; everything from Cindy Lauper to Liszt!

We are still looking to recruit a first musical offering from a family group! Mr Williams says:

“The race is on. Who will take up the challenge? This may be the reason you have kept that saxophone in the loft for 20 years; so that you could contribute six notes (admittedly all of them being the same note) to your family’s rendition of The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Liberally and generously share those six notes and become a Salopian Social media sensation! Contact me via by Wednesday 27 January.”

The next Salop’s Got Musical Talent will be broadcast on Wednesday February 3 at 19:30

Stephen Williams, Director of Music

Chapel Podcast for Sunday 24th January 2021



Eco Committee Update

The Eco Committee is planning a series of free online events for the student body, Salopian families and teachers. Please could you help me share the following message and link to the whole school? 

Stuck at home? Tired of lockdown? In need for some excitement and action? Join us in fixing planet Earth! Our lives may seem paused now, but the planet’s deterioration has not. Visit the link below to learn about how plastic has filled our oceans, how forests are turning into farmlands, and how the natural world is facing detrimental damage.

Our broken planet: How we got here and ways to fix it -

Make sure to tune into the online events in your free time!


Congratulations to Georgia N and Libby T who have gained selection on to the Central Sparks Academy. The academy includes the best 15 cricketers in the West Midlands. 

Gwenan Davies, Head of Girls’ Cricket.

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