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eNewsletter: Friday 5th February 2021

Welcome to the latest eNewsletter

An Introduction from Headmaster, Leo Winkley

Apparently, it was on this day (5th February) in 1916 that the legendary operatic tenor Enrico Caruso recorded ‘O Sole Mio’.  This is an iconic song which is close to a national anthem for Italians.  A love song which opens with the lines:

What a beautiful thing is a sunny day!
The air is serene after a storm,
The air is so fresh that it already feels like a celebration.
What a beautiful thing is a sunny day!

The melody will trigger a Pavlovian response in thousands who grew up in the 1980’s in the UK.  They will think of ice cream.  Specifically, it will conjure up the mental image of a Venetian gondolier crooning at full blast before purloining a cornet of ice cream from an unsuspecting young lady on a bridge.  She reacts swiftly, reaching down to snatch her rightful property back as the gondolier comes out the other side of the bridge.  They both exchange cheerful smiles.  Analyse that!  Whatever, many will remember this advert: it was as effective as it was annoying.

We’re not yet in ice cream season - although they say that ice cream sales have been strong during lockdown.  Comfort eating has been the wicked yin to the virtuous yang of vigorous exercise, such as our 40in40 challenge.  Spring is still some way away, but it did feel like something of a psychological milestone to cross over into February.  This is certainly not the case of wishing time away.  The credo of making every moment count stands in lockdown as much as any other time.  However, it conveys the sense that we are moving through the difficult days and approaching brighter ones.  As the UK vaccination numbers pass 10 million, and in the week that we said a fond farewell to centenarian fundraiser Sir Captain Tom Moore, individuals and organisations across the country are supporting one another and finding their way through each week.

Our community remains intent on making the best of the remote programme which will continue into the second half of this term.  We expect announcements on 22nd February – if not before – to give real clarity on when and how pupils will be able to return to on-site learning; and the very important questions that need answering on how examination qualifications will be awarded this summer.  In the meantime, I continue to admire the endeavour of the pupils and staff in their academic learning and the extension offerings such as ‘Go Further’ and the lecture programme open to all Salopian households.  The co-curriculum is also offering invention and challenge; creativity and the expressive arts are thriving; pastoral care and house life remain upbeat, seeking to support, encourage and engage. 

We are, as ever, conscious that people are extremely busy and living through different experiences across the world.  We want to remain sensitive to these different experiences and will continue to keep in good touch.

I hope this latest issue of the newsletter transmits the on-going vitality of our community.  Another week in remote has seen great activity as we make the most of the journey towards sunnier days together.  

Leo Winkley


Celebrating the effort, endeavour and enterprise of Salopians - Please follow this link for details of this week's Floreat. Below is an image from this week's Floreat.

Salop’s Got Musical Talent 2

Welcome to the second Salop's Got Musical Talent concert. Why not take a minute to slow down and savour the great musical talent that lies within our community? 

This week’s concert features super singing from 3rd former Libby H, staggering pianism from Ollie C, laidback guitar from Garrett H, gorgeous fluting from Natalia T, sophisticated violin music from Ethan P and the whole thing is introduced by OS Joseph Bell performing his own song, Dancing Days.

If you would like to take part in subsequent concerts do get in touch with Stephen Williams at  All are welcome! 

Stephen Williams, Director of Music

40in40 Challenge: Around the World in 40 Days Update

Having set off at the start of term with the bold intention of collectively travelling Around the World in 40 Days, we have been overwhelmed with the response from pupils, parents, OS and staff alike.  At the time of writing, the total travelled is a whopping 38,740km, just shy of our target of 40,000km! So we look all set to make it all the way around the world in just 23 days since the 40in40 launch on Wednesday 13 January.  Step aside, Phileas Fogg!  

Our pupils have collectively travelled over 20,000km with valuable distance added by our staff (5,178km) and likewise our community group of parents, OS and friends of the school (13,160km).  An incredible team effort from the Shrewsbury School community, and with 17 days still left, we have revised our targets again:

  • 40,000km in 40 days was obviously a piece of cake for the community, so today we are launching #80in40 with the aim of getting Around the World again- 80,000km in 40 days would be some achievement and we’ll need to crank it up, but it’s definitely achievable.  Lace up and get out there…
  • We are giving over the 40in40 Project exclusively to our pupils, challenging them to hit the 40,000km mark in 40 days on their own.  Can they do it?  I wouldn’t bet against them!

Our pupil fundraising has likewise made strong progress and we pushed over the £9,000 mark earlier this week; with just over two weeks to go, we’re looking to gather momentum for the final push and very much hope we can at least double that mark, if not more. Congratulations to all pupils for their fundraising so far and a huge well done to the pupils of Moser's, Oldham's, Radbrook and Port Hill as each house has raised over £1,000 so far!  The charities chosen by the 13 Houses can be viewed here which includes links to the fundraising pages.

On a related note, we were delighted to hear of the fundraising efforts of Old Salopian Howard Stringer (PH, 2010-12) who appeared on BBC Breakfast this week to discuss his charity initiative.  A doctor at Aintree Hospital in Liverpool, Howard has run 5k every day in 2021 for the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably).  As a pupil here at Shrewsbury, Howard was one of our top athletes and competed for the county at athletics, but for this charity effort, he sported a Sumo suit for his fundraising runs.  Having reached his £500 target, he then set out to run 5k a day in a pair of speedos for every extra £100 donation.  He has now raised an incredible £7,000.  You can listen to Howard talking about his fundraising efforts and his idea for doing it in the following video clip:

It is wonderful to see Salopians- both past and present- staying active and likewise helping others.  We hope that, in a small way, our 40in40 Project (and now, the 80in40 Challenge!) not only encourages our community to stay active and stay connected, but likewise through the fundraising element, can similarly help make a real difference. 

Stay safe, stay connected, stay active!

Peter Middleton, Deputy Head Co-Curricular

Drama Showcase 

Please see below our latest drama video showcasing the talent of our pupils.

Old Salopian Completes Daily 5k Charity Challenge

An Old Salopian and NHS Doctor is taking on the massive challenge to run 5km every day in January after his 13-hour shifts in order to raise money for a mental health charity.

Howard Stringer (PH 2010-12) has taken on the feat to raise money for CALM – The Campaign Against Living Miserable charity, with a target to raise £500 after seeing first-hand the implications the pandemic has had on mental health.

Howard initially completed his January 5k runs while wearing a sumo suit, but once he surpassed his target, he decided that for every £100 raised over this amount, he’d run 5k wearing red speedos.

The NHS Doctor, who works at the Aintree University Hospital, has now raised more than £7,000 and will continue running in his speedos around the city of Liverpool until he has completed his challenge.

Howard was interviewed on BBC Breakfast on Friday morning to highlight his fundraising efforts.

To donate to Howard and keep up with his fundraising, visit

Well done Howard!

An Invitation to our Parents from Shrewsbury School

There is still time to book onto our series of live lectures, workshops and performances for our parents to enjoy.

The events are completely free and booking is only via the ticketsource website. Once you have made your selection you will be sent a confirmation email, which includes the zoom link.

Please follow this link to discover more

Chapel Podcast for Sunday 7th February 2021

Listen using Anchor

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ShrewsMUN V

We are proud to host our 5th MUN Conference on Sunday 7th February at 9.30am-4.15pm. 

Please follow this link to the ShrewsMUN V website for more information.

Notices to Parents

Parenting During Lockdown 3 + Live Q&A

There is an opportunity for parents to attend a webinar on Thursday 11th February at 7pm with Alicia Drummond to discuss supporting children during the Lockdown.

A survey revealed that 88% of parents feel that school closures have had a negative impact on their child's mental health. Alicia will give tips and advice on how to cope and support our children, with a Q&A at the end.

To register interest please visit the Parent Portal.

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