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eNewsletter: Friday 26th March 2021

Welcome to the latest eNewsletter

An Introduction from Headmaster, Leo Winkley

Adventure (noun): ‘an unusual, exciting or risky activity’. 

Whenever change was coming – a move of house, a new school – my father would encourage us by saying, chirpily: “It’ll be an adventure”.  This became something of a mantra to ease us through any more mundane moment of doubt. 

Life is full of adventures, large and small.  Many of us will actively seek out adventure; others prefer a steadier path.  All of us experience change.  Planned change approaches gradually; it can loom large in the mind as it slowly comes closer.  Unplanned or rapid change takes a different kind of toll.  It requires speedy and skilful action.  A spirit of adventure needs to combine willingness to embrace change, an appetite for challenge and a serious focus on bounding and managing risk. 

This week, the nation marked a year since the first national lockdown in England.  Candles were lit and lights held aloft in respectful, sombre reflection on the impact of COVID-19.  As we move day to day, week to week, moments such as this are important.  Taking time to step back and reflect on the road travelled; and to think of those who have borne heavy burdens and experienced great loss.  It remains of vital importance to be mindful of the experience of others as we travel together through this pandemic.  

It is also important to keep moving forward.  As we end the Lent Term 2021, we can reflect on another time of great adaptation and resilience.  We have proceeded with a spirit of adventure: the pupils and staff on site have made the most of the three weeks of in-person learning whilst we have continued with the Online Supported Learning for those unable to attend. 

We have made some exciting announcements about staff appointments for next academic year (please follow this link to read about the appointment of the Head of Adventure) and planned building projects (please follow this link to read more about our planned building projects).  More immediately, we are eagerly anticipating a term full of educational adventure this summer.  As ever, we will be doing all that we can to guide each and every pupil along the way.  In particular, I have Upper Sixth and Fifth Form pupils in mind as they work towards their qualifications under unfamiliar circumstances.  We will be doing all we can to support them to give their own personal best.

In the meantime, after three weeks packed with on-site learning and activity, we say our farewells for a fortnight or so.  International boarders will be returning from 10 April and the term gets underway in earnest with staff INSET and boarding and day pupils returning for 14/15 April.  It will be another adventure.

As ever, this comes with my very best wishes to all Salopian households.

Leo Winkley

STOP PRESS - Shrewsbury School Shortlisted for TES Boarding School of the Year Award 

We have found out today that we have been shortlisted for the Boarding School of the Year Award 2021 for the second year running in the national TES Independent School Awards.

This is great news to share as we go into our Easter break.

Please follow this link for more information.


Celebrating the effort, endeavour and enterprise of Salopians - Please follow this link for details of this week's Floreat. Below is an image from this week's Floreat.

Visiting Music Teachers Showcase

Our wonderfully talented team of Visiting Music Teachers present a special online concert.

Exploring performances from the lighter end of the repertoire will be: 

  • Mr Taylor – jazz piano
  • Mr Bradley-Fulgoni - piano
  • Mrs Theobald – oboe
  • Mrs Landon and Mr McKenzie – flute and clarinet
  • Mrs Robinson and Mr Lewis – violin and double bass
  • Mr Alldridge – trombone
  • and Ms Turpin – voice.

This is not just an opportunity to enjoy lovely music, but a chance to see the wealth of talents our teachers possess.

Stephen Williams, Director of Music

A Special Salop’s Got Musical Talent

I am delighted to bring you a special end-of-term Salop’s Got Musical Talent Concert which is loaded with lots of treats, human, canine and valedictory!

  1. O. Connor – tuba with Snoopy the Spaniel. Muppets Theme Tune
  2. D. Inglis-Jones - voice. Stars – Schonberg
  3. Mr Wilson – organ. Hornpipe Humoresque – Rawsthorne
  4. L. Rogstad – voice. Adelaide’s Lament – Loewe
  5. M. Powell-Turner – double bass and voices. Let Us Wander – Purcell
  6. M. Wheeler – violin. Violin Sonata No.1 - Tartini
  7. E. Bannister – voice. Cry Me A River – Hamilton
  8. I. Wilkinson – voice.  Si Mes Vers Avaient Des Ailes - Reynaldo Hahn
  9. J. Gould – saxophone. And It’s Good Night From Him – Darren Lord

Thank you for your listening during the past weeks. We’ve enjoyed having your company and look forward to seeing you here at some point in future.

Happy Easter!

Stephen Williams, Director of Music

Last chance to ‘elevate’ Strava Challenge to the next level

It’s the last week to get involved in the Strava Elevation challenge and hopefully reach the final target of 408,000m, the same elevation as the International Space Station.

Figures for the challenge currently stand at 328,548m of elevation – with the arrival of the holidays, it’s the perfect opportunity to get walking, riding and climbing to reach that end goal by Easter.

The Strava Challenges have been so successful this far, it would be great to finish the final challenge with a bang!

Notices to Parents

Outdoor Week for Third and Fourth Forms

If your son or daughter is in the third or fourth form please note they will be on Outdoor Week from 14th to 19th June this summer.   

Outdoor Week is a major part of the Salopian calendar and takes both these year groups out of the classroom on a combined expedition and multi-activity programme. Pupils spend half the week in the Shropshire countryside undertaking an independent walking expedition, (which for those doing Bronze counts as their DofE expedition) and three varied days of group work, such as community projects, a conservation day with the Shropshire Wildlife Trust and an activity competition day.

We are running a double week this year to make up for the fact that the current fourth form missed their Outdoor Week opportunity last summer.

Clothing and Equipment.  The emphasis of the week is on challenge, fun and teamwork but please note they will be outside for the entire week.

A requirement of the expedition element (which all pupils will do) will be for a full set of waterproofs and some decent walking boots, ideally with ankle support. We have some stores that we can lend, however it would greatly assist our planning if your son or daughter had their own suitable outdoor clothing, with a waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers and boots as a minimum.

If your child is doing DofE Bronze do ask them to dig out their discount card, giving money off items at major outdoor clothing retailers. More information will appear nearer the time at

Shrewsbury School coaches – April 2021

Online coach bookings closed at midnight on Thursday 25th March.  Please contact directly for any changes to bookings; both additions, and importantly, any cancellations.  It is vital that an accurate list is held at the time of travel.

It is not possible to predict the length of any delays that may be incurred as students pass through arrivals at London Heathrow (LHR) in April.   Parents/guardians are asked to book the coach with a departure time scheduled soon after the child's flight is scheduled to land.  The school’s coach partner, GT Matrix, has been asked to wait for as long as it takes for students to clear customs.  This could be some hours after the flight’s scheduled arrival time but, as ever, no coach may depart until its passengers are all accounted for.

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