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eNewsletter: Friday 30th April 2021

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An Introduction from Headmaster, Leo Winkley

In a week when the nation’s media has been dominated by conversation about Prime Ministerial interior decoration, we were pleased formally to confirm the refurbishment of Rigg’s Hall as part of our on-going commitment to further improving the boys’ boarding accommodation over the coming years.  This building project, delayed a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will begin at the start of the summer holiday.  Rigg’s Hall will be ‘in diaspora’ for the first two terms of next academic year, with Third and Fourth Form being based in School House and the other years placed in friendship groups across the remaining six boys’ boarding houses.  Rigg’s will continue to meet daily as a house and compete in all competitions during those two terms and then return to their new home for the Summer Term 2022.

Investment in our site is important.  Not a day goes by without a deep sense of gratitude for the extraordinary beauty and excellent provision our school site offers.  It is one of the many uniquely special things about Shrewsbury life that we all do a lot of walking in our daily routines.  We have to walk from house to lessons; from one building to another; to and from meals.  We walk through a shared place of calm, natural beauty – which is good for mind and body.   It can also help with problem-solving.  Please follow this link to read the latest Letter from Shrewsbury: Dear Pedestrian.  Thinking particularly of those pupils navigating the assessment process this term (and indeed the teachers, heads of faculties and senior academic staff responsible) exercise, fresh air and being active remain vital elements of self-care.

As we emerge from the most extraordinary challenge of COVID-19, keeping other nations such as India and Brazil compassionately in our thoughts, we keep focus on the things within our control.  The disruption of the past 12 months has had numerous effects.  The pastoral impact on the young is high on our list of concerns.  We are working on a Pastoral Blueprint to identify and address various pressing areas.  Respect for others; celebration of difference; mental health and wellbeing; – these three will surely feature strongly. 

We were pleased to be short-listed for the prestigious Times Educational Supplement Independent Schools Award 2021 - for the second consecutive year - in the category of ‘Boarding School of the Year’.   We aim to provide the best pupil experience we possibly can for boarding and day pupils across the academic, pastoral and co-curricular programme.  Whilst it is a collective boost to receive such national recognition, alongside the 2020 award of Independent School of the Year, the daily focus is on continuous improvement.  We know we can be even better.  Above all, schools are about people – the peer groups with whom our children travel; the teaching, pastoral and support staff who work to care for and inspire them.  This is the most dynamic element of a thriving school.  It is people that make a school great.

We should be ambitious and optimistic for the future.  More immediately, we must urge our pupils to seize every opportunity, to be kind and respectful to one another, to stand up and support others in need, and to enjoy the learning community of which we are fortunate to be a part.

Wishing all Salopian households a restful and enjoyable Coach Weekend 

Leo Winkley


Celebrating the effort, endeavour and enterprise of Salopians - Please follow this link for details of this week's Floreat. Below is an image from this week's Floreat.

40in40 Challenges beat all targets

After smashing several distance targets and raising thousands for charity, the Lockdown 40in40 Challenge has officially come to an end.

The initiative, which was launched at the start of Lent Term, was to travel 40,000km in 40 days during a time of remote learning. As time went on, this was increased to 80in40 after the initial target was met early on, and by the end an impressive 81,283km had been covered.

The next challenge saw our community travel the distance to our Sister Schools in Hong Kong and Bangkok, covering an amazing 11,600km in 12 days before the return to onsite learning.

The final challenge to reach an elevation of 408,000m (408km), the same elevation that the International Space Station orbits the earth at, came to an end over Easter weekend, with an impressive total of 441,286m of elevation!

Director of Sport, Andrew Pembleton, said: “The aim of these Lockdown Challenges was to get the Shrewsbury community to stay active, and buck the data by Sport England which has shown a dramatic fall in physical activity during the Covid-19 era.

“We had 675 pupils taking part, along with staff, parents and Old Salopians also contributing to the total distances covered. We also raised money for various charities both locally and nationally during these challenges.

“Thank you to everyone who took part at a time when it was so important to get out, be active and virtually bring the community together.”

Chapel Podcast- Sunday 25th April 2021

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