Shrewsbury School

OS Basketball

The Old Salopian Basketball Club was founded in 2016 by basketball lovers who are also alumni of Shrewsbury School. We are a fun, energetic club for people who wish to play basketball in both recreational and professional level. Other social events or basketball-related activities are also held within the Club.

Regular training sessions are held in London for those who are interested. We will also be joining a basketball tournament in Hong Kong this coming summer 2018. We welcome all Salopians to get in touch, especially those who were previously in the Shrewsbury Basketball team. We are keen to hear from any OS who would like to take part in any of our events.

Please email Bryan Yick: for more information.


Chairman – Bryan Yick (M 2010-15)
Treasurer – Michael Kwan (S 2010-15)
Captain – Michael Pong (M 2013-15)



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