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The Shewsy- Shrewsbury House, Everton

Founded by teachers from Shrewsbury School in 1903, we have been working in close partnership with The Shewsy for almost 125 years

The Shewsy serves the Everton community, supporting young people and nurturing potential, true to its motto of abeing a place 'where people matter more than things’. Links between the School and The Shewsy remain strong at leadership and management level and in terms of financial support. Every five years the whole school embarks upon a 20+ mile sponsored walk over the Shropshire Hills of the Long Mynd to raise money to support social workers at the club. We continue to develop projects enabling young people from the School and from Everton to come together to share experiences and to widen horizons.

There is still time to donate to our Sponsored Walk in support of The Shewsy

Stronger Together...

We are always looking to bring young people and staff together for mutual benefit, with current activity including:

  •  5 Social Studies residential trips per year to The Shewsy – 60 Lower Sixth students, attended for 2 ½ days per trip
  •  Third Form visits to The Shewsy as part of Outdoor Week – 40 students; hosting visits here (organised by Postors)
  •  Shared Talargerwyn Residential for 24 young people in the summer
  •  Joint venture to Africa supporting Medic Malawi
  •  Visits to the School of key members of The Shewsy team – participation in chapel, assemblies and classroom
  •  Our students recently reached the Regional Finals of the Goldsmiths’ Community Award for a social project presenting on the relationship between the School and The Shewsy
  •  Shrewsbury School leavers have the opportunity to take up a Gap placement at The Shewsy before going to university

Benefits and Impact

Illustrating the impact of our partnership work on The Shewsy and our pupils:

"We’ve been very fortunate in our link and the fact that it seems to be going from strength to strength... at the moment it’s probably at an all-time high in terms of the positive working relationship that we have..."

John Dumbell, Senior Youth Worker

"The link between Shrewsbury School and The Shewsy in Everton undoubtedly helps a lot of children and families in Liverpool, but it is also safe to say that we, as pupils here at Shrewsbury School, have also benefited hugely from this programme. After asking past participants about what they learnt from this programme’s activities, our entry committee has concluded that pupils, after the study trips, have gained a better understanding of the huge economic disparity within the UK, how to deal with tricky situations, the importance of community and a safe space during childhood, and also ways we can help others despite our young age."

Milton Tai, Lower Sixth Pupil, Shrewsbury School

"Shewsy School links: Our links with Shrewsbury School continue, and congratulations to club member and Shewsy School scholar Josef Rooney-Magee on being awarded Under 16 player of the year in the Shrewsbury School football awards (2019). It has been a pleasure to have Chad Usher form the School on a gap-term placement at the club from September to November; it has been great to see him grow in confidence during his time in Everton. Also thank you to Zainab from the School who spent 2 weeks volunteering at the club during half-term."                    

Everton Telegraph, Christmas 2019

"Now I am in my second year. The past year absolutely flew. I have met the most amazing people in the world and I would not change anything. Getting the opportunity to come here is a dream come true. The doors that have opened for me by coming here is something else."                            

J. Rooney-Magee, Fourth Form Pupil – ‘Shewsy Scholar’, Shrewsbury School


Positive Opportunities...

We are looking forward to our continuing partnership with The Shewsy which will:

  • Celebrate 125 years in 2028
  • Help create finance for the future through fundraising activities – such as our five-yearly whole school sponsored walk on the Long Mynd
  • Support the leadership of The Shewsy to develop further
  • Help others by working together to raise funds and work overseas for Medic Malawi Continue to support young people in Everton

Further information on 'The Shewsy'

Shrewsbury House, a youth and community centre attached to St Peter's Church in Everton, Liverpool, has been a part of Shrewsbury School life for well over a cenutury.  It employs two full-time trained youth workers and a team of part-time staff and offers young people in the local area an excellent range of facilities and sporting and recreational opportunities. 'The Shewsy' runs Junior Clubs for children aged 5 - 11 and Senior Clubs for those aged 12 - 20 throughout the week, as well as a variety of weekend activities, including residential trips and exchange visits.

Links are strong between Shrewsbury House and the School, and the Headmaster and three members of staff sit on its committee. The Shewsy also continues to play a central role in the life of the School's Sixth Form. Every year, four groups of students from the Lower Sixth spend a couple of days in the club, working with the young people and learning about life in the inner city, social care, crime and justice and Liverpool's great maritime tradition.  The students leave changed, having worked and learned hard and had a wonderful, broadening time.  These trips are very popular.

Every May, a large group from Shrewsbury House spends the weekend at the School, and over the years good relationships have been fostered.  

Once able to fund about 50% of the Club's funds, the Liverpool City Council is now able to contribute only about 10% of the annual costs of the Club, and Shrewsbury House is still heavily reliant on other funds it raises and donations from Salopians.  It provides a valuable service in the community of Everton which, although much changed, is an area of severe deprivation.  Everton remains one of the poorest wards in the country. The aim of the Shewsy is to provide a warm and safe environment for young people to meet, socialise and have fun.  That was the case 117 years ago, and it still is.

For more information on the Shewsy, please visit their website

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