Shrewsbury School

Term Dates

To save parents having to drive to Shrewsbury several times each term, the School lays on a fleet of coaches at the start and end of each term, at either end of half-term and on ‘Coach Weekend’ exeats. For more details, please refer to our Coach Routes page.

Please refer to our Calendar for details of all events that are taking place at Shrewsbury.

Summer 2019


Tuesday 23rd April (9.00 pm) – Saturday 29th June (4.45 pm)

'Coach Weekend' Exeat: Saturday 4th May (1.30 pm) – Monday 6th May (9.00 pm)

Half-term Exeat: Saturday 25th May (10.00 am) – Sunday 2nd June (9.00 pm)   

No Coach Weekend second half of term

Michaelmas 2019

Saturday 31st August* (9.00 pm) – Wednesday 11th December (10.00 am)
* Please note that Third Form pupils will arrive on Sunday 1st September. Arrangements will be confirmed by individual Housemasters/Housemistresses, but arrival time is likely to be c.4.30pm.
The Lower Sixth Induction Weekend for new Sixth Form entrants will start at lunchtime on Saturday 31st August.

'Coach Weekend' Exeat: Friday 27th September (1.30 pm) – Sunday 29th September (9.00 pm)

Half-term Exeat: Saturday 19th October (9.00 am) – Sunday 3rd November (9.00 pm)

'Coach Weekend' Exeat: Friday 22nd November (1.30 pm) – Sunday 24th November (9.00 pm)

Lent 2020

Monday 6th January (9.00 pm) – Saturday 28th March (10.00 am)

'Coach Weekend' Exeat: Saturday 25th January (1.30 pm) – Monday 27th January (9.00 pm)

Half-term Exeat: Saturday 15th February (9.00 am) – Sunday 23rd February (9.00 pm)

'Coach Weekend' Exeat: Friday 13th March (1.30 pm) – Sunday 15th March (9.00 pm)

 Summer 2020

Monday 20th April (9.00 pm) – Saturday 27th June (4.45 pm)

'Coach Weekend' Exeat: Saturday 2nd May (1.30 pm) – Monday 4th May (9.00 pm)

Half-term Exeat: Saturday 23rd May (9.00 am) – Sunday 31st May (9.00 pm)

No Coach Weekend second half of term


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