Shrewsbury School


There is a firm foundation of support, advice and friendship within Shrewsbury’s gates. It is a special place.

The unique friendly yet respectful atmosphere between staff and students plays a crucial part in establishing the character of Salopians and the School. Together we are a highly supportive community.

Anna Peak, Deputy Head (Pastoral)


"The pastoral care is exemplary. The staff generate a sense of community which then expands in the mind of every pupil into a personal consideration for the rights of others."

"Pupils take responsibility for their own behaviour. They are naturally courteous and respectful of one another and of the adults who care for them. Relationships between them and their teachers are notably cordial." ISI Educational Quality Inspection Report 2017

‘The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent. Pupils make an exceptional contribution to their school community, thus reflecting the School’s aims, which encourage them to become caring, thoughtful and confident members of society. Leadership, teaching and boarding staff exemplify the School’s expectations and pupils respond positively to the models they set.’ ISI Educational Quality Inspection Report 2017

Please see Inspection Reports for more details.

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